If you stopped and thought about what you put your feet through each day, you’d really start to feel sorry for them. Not only are you putting the daily miles on your feet, but you may also be squeezing them into stylish shoes, running laps, or just  dealing with bad genetics. Regardless of how you use and abuse your feet, life begins to take its toll and you’re left with feet that aren’t as beautiful as they used to be.

But what if we told you there is a simple procedure that can be done that will help your feet be beautiful once again? What if we also told you that this procedure with cosmetic results is also reimbursable by most insurance companies? Would you take your next step to freedom?

Think of it…open-toed shoes or sandals without the embarrassment. Being able to run barefoot on the beach without having to bury your toes in the sand. Finally getting that pedicure that you can actually show off.


Let us help you FIND A QUALIFIED FOOT SPECIALIST that concentrates on surgical correction of painful embarrassing foot deformities. Our list of specialists is qualified to provide a functional outcome that is consistent with aesthetic results.