treatment_optionsNon-surgical treatments that may relieve the pain and pressure of bunions include the following:

  • Padding, taping, and splinting – see your doctor for help with taping and padding your foot into a normal position, which can reduce the stress on the bunion and help get rid of the pain
  • Medication – anti‐inflammatory medicines and cortisone injections can help with acute pain and inflammation
  • Apply ice to the bunion to help relieve soreness and inflammation
  • Orthotics – custom shoe inserts may be prescribed by your doctor to help relieve symptoms and prevent the hammertoe from becoming worse
  • Change shoes – select roomy shoes that provide plenty of space for your toes

If the pain persists, see a doctor. If the conservative treatments listed above don’t relieve your symptoms, you may need surgery. Please see our menu for information on Surgical Treatment options.