Listed below are some potential options for relief of bunions:

  • Wear roomy shoes with wide, deep toe boxes and avoid tight, narrow or high‐heeled shoes that put pressure on the big toe joint
  • Apply an over‐the‐counter, non‐medicated bunion pad or moleskin to the bony bump to protect it from being rubbed by your shoes
  • Try bunion pads, arch supports or orthotics placed just behind the big toe joint on the bottom of the foot to help redistribute your weight while walking to take pressure off the big toe
  • Apply ice packs several times a day to swollen, painful bunions
  • Use non‐prescription pain medicine such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin for pain
  • Avoid shoes with heels more than 2‐1/4 inches tall

If your pain persists, please see a doctor. See our menu for Non‐Surgical Treatment and Surgical Treatment Options.