Gail, a patient of Dr. Stuart D. Katchis, is a nurse located in New York City. Nurses are required to be on their feet all day. And for Gail, that meant having to deal with the pain of her hammertoe deformity. Not only is Gail a nurse, but she also enjoys dancing. Dancing is something that provides her with a release from the stresses of her day. But when you’re suffering from pain, that joy can be stripped away.

After dealing with this pain long enough, Gail decided it was time to do something about it. She met with Dr. Katchis who consulted with her on the best options to correct her hammertoe deformity and alleviate this pain. Dr. Katchis felt the best option for Gail was hammertoe correction surgery using the Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System from Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

The Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System is a two-piece implant that provides stability and superior bone fixation to correct hammertoe deformity. The procedure itself is very quick and the recovery can be less painful than traditional methods, such as K-Wires. K-Wires are a surgical wire that is implanted in the bone, but the wires themselves protrude from the end of the toes. With Nextra®, surgeons have the option of providing their patients with a wireless procedure that may provide quicker recovery times and get patients back on their feet sooner.

Since the procedure, Gail is now able to wear the shoes she wants, can dance again and is completely pain free. When asked what she would tell others who are suffering from pain caused by hammertoe deformity, Gail commented, “It was really worthwhile. I was glad that I did it and I’m almost sorry that I waited as long as I did because I don’t have to suffer.”

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