Nextradesis® – Hammertoe Correction Surgery

Nextradesis® is an advanced implant technology procedure that is designed to fuse the joint surfaces in the toe in order to treat hammertoes. This procedure serves as an alternative to the K-Wire method of hammertoe correction surgery. In order to fuse the two sections of the toe, K-Wire would take the place of bone and cartilage in the joint. K-Wire would be inserted into the bone and would stay in place for four to six weeks. Patients find it difficult to resume normal activities and are often prone to infection. Most unfavorable is the fact that this hammertoe correction surgery is very painful.

Nextradesis® utilizes the Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System to allow fusion of the joint surfaces and to eliminate the need for any wire insertion into the toe. Nextradesis® has made significant advances in hammertoe correction surgery by designing a secure, stable implant interface. The  RevLock™ ratcheting cam system works with the natural healing process and includes an adjustable locking feature so the surgeon has total control in case the implant needs to be readjusted.

After Nextradesis® hammertoe correction surgery, patients can return to work and normal activities,  bathe more regularly and sleep more peacefully.


  • No K-Wires and Screws
  • No Interruption of Daily Activities
  • No Risk of Infection from Wires
  • No More Bending or Curling Toes
  • No More Swelling or Stiffness

There are many benefits for a patient considering hammertoe correction surgery using the Nextra® system, and there are significant benefits for doctors as well. The Nextradesis® procedure allows for more stability, compression, adjustability and precision, which means successful hammertoe correction for you.

Additional Information

If you are in the process of deciding whether or not you should undergo hammertoe correction surgery, we want to ensure that you have the best and most information available to assist you in the decision making process. We understand the stress associated with making big decisions such as this, so feel free to contact us about any concerns you may have or questions you need answered. If you are still unsure about hammertoe correction surgery, feel free to look at our “Treatment Options” page to see if another treatment may be right for your specific needs.

Note: The Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System is not designed to withstand full weight-bearing or excessive activity until healing has occurred. Your surgeon will provide instructions for immobilization and weight bearing during the bone-healing period (approximately six weeks). Patient compliance during any healing period is critical to success. The package insert has more information regarding the Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System.